Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Jan 21

Ultramarathon News from Around the World:

Ultramarathon wimps and winers, kindly f*(k off.  A bit provocative, sure, but he makes some excellent points.

Here’s Da Nooch’s comprehensive and thorough report from Bandera. Training, race, data, pics, you got it all.  If you plan on running the race next year, bookmark this for later.

This guy sucks at faking FKTs.

I like this article on fell running a lot, but is the insinuation that MUT runners are arrogant?

Want to know why so many elite runners, journalists, and road folks are taking the Ryan Hall announcement so hard? Here’s a start.

…and here’s a great interview Mario just published with Ryan.  I think the last paragraph makes it all clear: He’s flipped the switch and is no longer a runner.

Update on Stephanie Howe’s achilles recovery.

Here’s what Anton read, ran, and listened to in 2015.

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