Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Jan 23

Kilian vs a BASE jumper sounds really lame and gimmicky, doesn’t it? Check it out…it’s awesome. Both guys look they’re having a ball and damn, KJ is fit right now!

Japan Running News: Neat post about the pacer who helped bring Hitomi Niiya beat the National Record at Houston Half.

UROY and UPOY voting always draws comments from people, and instead of just complaining about the list, Scotty Kummer posted his own thoughts on who should win and it’s got some surprises.

Curious about the Nike Vaporfly controversy? Here’s a quick video that describes the situation well.

Sylvia Ravaglia was a mainstay female ultrarunner on Hawaii’s big island and tragically lost her life during a run two weeks ago. This past weekend at HURT, her husband ran while their daughter, Tiffany, helped crew. A Big Island local, Joe, paced him the third loop, one of his former students Sydney paced his 4th loop (her longest run ever, her first time to run overnight, and first time on the full HURT course), and Paul and Meredith Terranova split loop 5.

LetsRun: Part one of how to become a professional track athlete. I’d love to see a similar post for MUT runners. Like they say…all situations are different.

Help her help us: An ultrarunner and Geographer (Nadine Schuurman) is working on a survey of runners designed to try and determine what makes an urban or suburban environment “runnable”. The research group is hoping to recruit runners from across North America to participate in this project, with the ultimate aim of understanding what variables contribute to “runnability”. Such knowledge could potentially help public health officials, urban planners, fitness enthusiasts, and other interested parties plan for the future and alter present day urban communities. A parallel study seeks Strava authorizations in order to understand how runners describe different surfaces, trails and efforts. Anyone who participates in either study will be entered into a draw for a $300 gift certificate. The website for both is: runnerstudy.ca

ORM: The Spartan/Tough Mudder merger gets closer to being a done deal.

Kipchoge: Let’s get it on!

Runners World: As if Australians don’t have enough to deal with today, now some asshat is leaving home made landmines on the trails.

There’s still a lot of talk about the “State of Ultrarunning 2020” study that claimed there’s distance at which women are faster than men. Before you read others’ analysis, hit the source document first.

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