Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Jan 24

Beyond dry January, more people are moderating or abstaining from alcohol, forcing bars and manufacturers to change their game. More NA beers!

Check out our latest interview with Jim Walmsley. We talk about the physical and mental training going into Houston Half Marathon, internet hype, why he eschews coaches, what he thinks will go down at Western States, and he teases a huge secret project.

Two sweet new jobs: Creative Director for T&F at U of O and Head of Packaging at Athletic Brewing.

There’s something particularly egregious about cheating at a race at Disney World, isn’t there?

Twenty seconds, man. Twenty seconds!

Is a one minute workout too long for you? This guy’s got a new idea.

Balancing love of nature and freedom with safety on the trails for women.

One of the great things about Lake Sonoma 50 is how it managed to stay small and non-commercial. I’m hoping this new partnership with Salomon doesn’t change any of that.

Camille Herron is doing an AMA on reddit today at 10am PST. Check it out right this way.

Want to win an all expenses paid trip (and entry and a ton of gear) to one of the most stacked fields of the year? Click here.

Speaking of competitive fields, which domestic race had the most stacked field last year, statistically speaking?

Twelve trails to hike or run before they’re gone.

Apparently I’m supposed to have a strong opinion of Tom Brady. I don’t know a thing about him other than he’s a football player married to a supermodel. Turns out he watches his diet and lifestyle carefully and he’s going to the Super Bowl at 41. Here’s what you can learn from him.

Take a minute to learn more about Mary Austin, an author from the turn of the last century who wrote about the western expanse, environmental issues, and our natural habitat. A goal of mine is to read more, and she’s on my list.

It’s cold out and you’re late to meet your friends for a run. Should they wait for you? Next up…they stop to pee and you run on, expecting them to catch up to you. D*ick move or understandable?

Stay tuned. Releasing new episode with Brittany Peterson today.

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