Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Jan 27

Ultrarunning Mag: What’s up in ultramarathons this weekend? There’s one race that starts really, really high, one race that’s frighteningly cold, and a whole lot more.

iRunFar: This women’s race at UTMB is gonna be a burner! So many top names on the list so far…now let’s hope everyone makes it to the starting line! (Or hell, let’s hope that there is a starting line this year.) I started to list off women I’ll be watching, but that quickly ballooned to over fifteen people.

Bad news: New Zealand continues to embarrass itself in how it handles Covid and cancels Tarawera 100k. 
Good news: Those Golden Ticket spots will now go to Black Canyon and The Canyons 100k.

90% of Americans have a poor diet and 25% of us don’t exercise. I suspect that last number to be low.

Wait, whaat? Marathon des Sables runner heads in the wrong direction after a storm, gets mercilessly lost, loses a ton of weight, drinks bat blood(!) and his own urine, finds himself in a different damn country, and ultimately gets rescued by a bunch of nomads. How’s that for a compelling race report?

We’ve got a new WR for pushing a stroller for a mile. Wanna guess?  And as someone who pushed a stroller for thousands of miles, I don’t understand how he avoided speed wobbles. I’d get them anywhere near 6 min pace…and this new time is far faster.

I hope you’re all watching Jacky Hunt-Broersma as she runs a marathon a day for 100 days. Important and impressive to note that she’s running on a prosthetic.

Former lobbyist here, so I always find it fascinating how bills are decided on a state level. In this case, we get a play-by-play on how the South Dakota legislature–and pertinent interests and lobbyists–handled the issue of trans athletes with respect to the new NCAA policy.

Check out this new product meant for hands-free (and probably faster) hydration at aid stations. Pretty cool! (NFI in this product.)

Be sure to visit the new Outside Run for all your corporate media paywalled nonsense.

Ultrarunning Mag: Race report on how to suffer at Hellgate.

Beer: Ten brewers were asked what’s the best brewery to visit in your city right now?

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