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British ultramarathon woman going for 12 hour treadmill record this weekend.

I really enjoy Sarah’s writing (and co-hosting with me!) Here, she describes her hectic life and how and why it was so important to fit a run–any run–into her day.

Didya catch the new podcast I released yesterday? Avery Collins clicked off one of the toughest hundreds off his list earlier this month at HURT, and he’s not done yet.  We talk about whether pot is a PED, why he lifts weights, and how NOT to use bodyglide.

This article about individual sports made me think of something: None of the sports I have any interest are team sports….all are individual.  Tennis, MMA, speed skating, pursuit cycling, auto racing (though that could be argued…)   Anyone else follow the same pattern?

Jared Hazen: In the podcast and on these pages I’ve expressed my opinion that it’s just a buckle to him, and why not let the kid raise some money?  Yesterday I heard from a well placed source that the Western States Board has offered to buy his buckle back from him for $300 (about the price of the silver), but that he declined. The Board even offered to hold on to it for him in case he wants it later.  So who knows what’s going on? Maybe it his eBay listing doesn’t crest $300 he’ll take them up on the offer?

Trivia time: Two separate married couples are running the Olympic Marathon Trials next month.  Can you name one of them?

Canyons UltramarathonFriendly reminder that The Canyons Endurance Run contest ends on Saturday. If you didn’t get drawn for Western, but still want to race on the iconic course, enter your name below, share the post, and we’ll draw a name this weekend. Good luck!

Toni makes an argument for how “regular” runners don’t care about the elite field or what’s going on up front. His is largely a roadie and short distance discussion. TO what extent does it hold true in ultras?  How much does the average ultramarathon or trail runner care about the elites?

It’s been over a month since I wrote this. Curious if any RDs or races have publicly stated their PED policies?

Will a personality/character test become part of ultramarathon registrations qualifications as it is at Badwater? “Yeah, I qualified, got drawn in the lottery, but I failed the character test. Maybe next year…”

Think running gear is expensive? Here’s the cost of competing in Ironman (if you’re starting from scratch.)

Here’s a great article by Jill Homer about the limits to which endurance athletes should push their bodies.  When is the best time to pull the plug (or DNF?)  From the article: It’s better to be a live donkey than a dead lion.


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