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What’s the British Bulldog’s secret to long term success and enjoyment with ultramarathons? Here you go.

And here’s some more advice from six long-hike trail veterans.

Say what you will about Nike, but these Kevin Hart commercials are pretty funny.

Here are seven reasons Beth hasn’t been injured in three years.  (Personal note…I was at doc yesterday and have another appt tomorrow for strained ligament in my knee/hamstring.  Did i playing ultimate frisbee and it hurts like hell.)

Check out that link over there on the right (click here for those on mobile) and get yourself a free sample box of bars that work to prevent the dreaded spike and bonk and give you consistent fuel on your runs.  

I’m pretty sure we’ve found a new mascot/icon/host/Chairman of URP.  This guy.

Looking at this list of UK ultramarathons for 2017. What stands out to me is the variety of distances offered.  A similar list for US races would be primarily 50k, 50m, 100k, and 100m.  Why the difference?

Get ready for new Amazon-branded workout gear.

Question: With all the changes taking place, what do the athletes do with all the gear from their old team?  Especially those who’d been with the brand for more than a few years.

Here’s what Scott Dunlap’s calendar is looking like.  Nice selection of different races!  Anyone have an East Coast calendar of what they’re running?

Here’s a quick interview with Zach Miller about living at Barr Camp.

Doctor Jay talks about the importance of running economy, VO2 max, and lactate threshold in a way that I can understand. I’ve never been tested….have you?

Excellent advice for both on and off the trail: Imagine you already tried and failed and perform a premortem on what will happen next time.

Twenty five  must-do US marathons in 2017.  Funny, Barkley didn’t make the list.

Good stuff: Tropical John deconstructs UROY voting and reveals the panel.

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