Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, July 1

Treeline Journal: Chase encapsulates everything that’s good about spectating at the Western States Endurance Run. As Thornley said at the Friday runners meeting, if everyone in the world could experience the WS finish line just once, the world would be a better place.

Men’s Journal: Fifteen of the best running trails in America, with a special appearance by a former URP host…

Ask the brewers: What’s the best pilsner? I’m a big fan of non alcoholic options for beers, but there isn’t yet an NA pilsner that gets it right. Open to recommendations…

“I just slept and I woke up and these two like jacked hiker bros were like, ‘what’s going on man?’ and it was like everything I wanted, it was like waking up to my own Baywatch scene,” Devers said with a smile.

Peak PNW: Dude goes on a hike to write poems on a mountaintop and brings along some Mt Dews for nourishment. Gets lost, wanders around forest for a week until he thinks death is imminent, and these trail runner “bros” find him asleep.

Questions about the Shelby Houlihan burrito-gate issue? Here’s a great primer on what’s going on, from the science to the media reaction. h/t Kevin Beck.

Jill Homer lost her father in a mountain accident two weeks ago. I can’t imagine the grief she’s experiencing right now. Here’s a tribute to her adventurous dad.

Trailrunner/Roche: Three lessons from Western States’ Foresthill Aid Station that can be used in any ultramarathon.

A rock-strewn climb at the halfway point of mile 25 felt as steep as climbing a multi-story ladder, and the loose-dirt descent that followed felt as frightening as surfing a landslide, hence my feeling of being a pawn in an evil game of Chutes and Ladders.

Sarah writes about her run at the beautiful and technical Bears Ear 50 48.

Courtney Dauwalter accomplished what Chris Mocko never could…she’s now a proud member of the Kodiak Cakes racing team.

Vice News digs into what exactly happened at the deadly Chinese ultramarathon last month.

Don’t gimme that. Don’t even gimme that. Biz Markie is still alive.

I’ve been following Timothy Olson’s Instagram along with Jason Koop’s messages, but haven’t found any sort of tracker to follow his progress on the PCT.

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