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Want to check out the Hardrock course, but aren’t in the San Juans? Here’s the google trekker map of the iconic trail.

Stephanie writes about UTMB’s decision to not offer a registration deferral to a pregnant runner.

Vol State 500k starts today. If you’re not familiar with the race, do yourself a favor and listen to this interview with Alan Abbs from a few years ago. He tells an incredible story.  Here’s the google doc of the standings once the race gets under way.

“People aren’t looking for quality beer, as long as it isn’t sh*t, (a catchy name), and you have super sweet packaging and an even better story you will sell heaps.”

–The sad state of the beer scene.


More on Andrew Hamilton’s awesome (Holy) Nolan’s FKTs. Minimal sleep, precise planning, and the ability keep moving seemed to be keys for his success.

Running and training for ultramrarathons while pregnant.

Whoa, this looks like an incredible hike in New Hampshire. Gorgeous! Are there options for single track or is it all boardwalk? Anyone been there?

Sarah recaps the “Women of Hardrock” talk and highlights some of the issues around the race and number of women running this year.

Great story about Bono (no, not him) setting speed record on Denali.

Short news day. On vacation in Eastern Sierra and it’s too beautiful to be sitting here. 🙂

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