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Good morning! Let’s start the day off with some homemade cinnamon rolls made by Courtney Daulwalter.

iRunFar: Joe Uhan looks at blisters, cramping and nausea from a fundamental knowledge perspective (First Principles Approach), but with a medical background. I’m sure that each of us have dealt with at least one of these issues in the past and will again in the future. Save this post.

How’d I miss Devon Yanko’s overall win at Umstead??? Cool story about hard work and perseverance.

Looks like someone forgot to do their speedwork. Sorry, not a lot of sympathy bruh.

Lize Brittin makes the point that advocating for your own healthcare is paramount, whether it’s a physical ailment or an emotional issue you’re experiencing. These are excellent points.
I do disagree with her re blocking people though. I’ve started blocking trolls and people who choose name calling over civil discourse and it’s not because I want to cut off discussion. I block them because their type of discussion doesn’t lead anywhere positive.

Details are sketchy, but it looks like USATF is considering paying a “living wage” to its top T&F athletes. No word on whether other disciplines (road, trail) will receive anything. Good money says this will still be a rumor in a year.

Meanwhile, this week’s WaPo article highlights athletes who believe that holding a full time job is beneficial to their workouts and performance.

And here’s Kevin Beck’s response to the WaPo article.

As the sport grows and evolves, the way that athletes approach the unique nature of trail races is also evolving. Many trail runners spend all of their time off-road, running gnarly terrain and getting a lot of “time on feet” on trails. But is that the best way to prepare for a trail race?

–Trailrunner Mag: Three essentials trail runners can learn from road runners.

Excellent article on Ruth Kroft that really shows her passion for the trails and her insistence on escaping the “running bubble.” Some good background on her win at Western States too.

What’s on the trail and ultramarathon calendar for this weekend? Jeffrey Stern runs down the big events right here.

Got the Hardrock bug? Here’s Dylan Bowman’s video from his 2021 run.

Haven’t read it yet, but this Outside Magazine article highlight the increase in elite athletes seeking mental health coaching.

LOL. Can we be done with these posed pictures already? So, so cringey.

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