Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, July 16

The Red Bull 400 is this weekend in Whistler, Canada. Here’s one guy’s secret to running these types of events.

Yes, Jurek’s AT was impressive, but I’ll give the nod to the Iron Cowboy who’s now down to single digits for his 50 Ironman distance tris in 50 days.

Beers that changed America.  Pretty good list!

Mario interviews Magda right over here.

Here’s an extensive listing of shoe reviews you might like.

What prevented me from coming forward in 2011 was fear of further retribution after already being suspended by Nike for giving birth to our son.

Kara Goucher’s full statement.

Zach Bitter’s quick bit on ultramarathon burnout and what we can do to prevent it.

Cory’s list of why you should run trails alone.  What stands out to me is the flapping….yep, I’ve got one of those on one of my packs too.

I thought that Ben’s trail/tour guide was the best job in the world until I read about this.

You heard Billy Yang’s interview with me before States, here’s a preview of a film about his adventure.

Some guy writes a few paragraphs on letsrun about ultramarathons, and the LR community freaks out because it’s too long. Poetic irony?

The soul of ultrarunning: Cool words and shots of Hardrock.  Next year, next year I’ll be there.

If you find yourself in the Caribbean and itching to run some trails or climb some mountains, here’s a good list.

I’ll be down in the LA area (Santa Clarita Valley) this weekend for a wedding. Anyone want to run The Beast with me Saturday morning? Maybe twice?

Leor’s latest adventure makes me want to get out and into the wilderness.

Improve your running performance with cycling. Nope, I’ll inline skate, thank you.

Some good words about staying motivated during an intense endurance challenge.

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