Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, July 2

Whew, I needed that break! Alright, back to ultramarathon news…

Now come on, why wouldn’t you read (and do!) this? Build a better runner in five minutes a day.

Obvious: Older athletes have younger “fitness age” than non athletes.

There are a lot of Western States reports out there, but my favorites are those where the runner learns something important. Here’s Stephanie’s.

While WS was underway, Mike Tebbutt shaved over 4 hours off of the Tahoe Rim Trail FKT during a ferociously hot week.  It’ll take an awesome performance for someone to beat that now.

Q&A with my favorite track stud: Nick Symonds. In-n-Out Burger, beer, and manpris are all discussed.

More amazing stunts on a road bike. Dude sacrifices the safety of his face and his junk at 2:15.

This month’s beer festivals. That cask-aged shindig in Phoenix sounds pretty great.

I’ll give Mo credit for saying he’ll leave NOP if the allegations are true, but to say that he was “surprised and shocked” by the story means he’s either lying or completely out of touch.

…and this is a curious time for Phil Knight to step down, isn’t it?

Hardrock has a pretty stout field again this year.

Some of you have asked for updates from the guests I chatted with before Western. Here’s Caroline Boller’s report.

Here’s a place where Scotty and I always disagreed. I’m the first to peel off my shirt, he thought it was gross.

I meant to ask Dave about this during this interview, but it seemed tacky: Who pays for the rescue?

And…another reason I’ll take a pass on an, ahem, “mud” run.

And finally, thanks to everyone who joined me in the URP tent during Western. Tara, Guillermo, Mike, Frank. Bob, Lucy, Alan, Bev, Zach, Curt, John, and others…definitely a fun time with great beer and banter.

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