Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Thurs, July 20

The weekend is near. Sit back and watch this video of Guillaume as he runs the beautiful rails of Beaufortain in the French Alps. This particular run was 60 miles over 3 days with 20k’ of vert.

Running and social media: Are you working the net or caught in the web?

Q&A with Evan Jager regarding his questionable testing results. Bummed to know he worked with Dr. Brown as well. Man, I hope he’s clean. My mistake. He didn’t discuss seeing Dr. Brown, but that other athletes did. My mistake.

Watch this: Damn, Billy’s a great story teller. Take a few minutes and watch Billy Yang’s latest film about Tim Olson’s run at Hardrock last year. Very well done.

Do you have Achilles pain when you wear flip flops? In this review, I tested four different pairs of sandals that each offer >4mm of drop. Transitioning from flip-flops to these has been a huge help for me.

Joe Uhan, what say you? The NYT analyzes Usain Bolt’s uneven stride.

Kyle Robidoux and trail guides at Vermont 100.

You heard our interview with legally blind ultra runner Kyle Robidoux last week as he prepared for this first hundred miler. Here’s the follow up interview where he shares his adventure. What went right? What went wrong? Is he ready to jump on Ultrasignup and enter another hundred?

Get cramps? Here’s why, and what you can do about it.

So it’s great that women’s running apparel is no longer just “pink and small” men’s kit, but this author complains that the new female athleisure brands aren’t made for actual athletes being active.

Would you swim across a cold alpine lake midway thru a trail race to win $50 and a sixpack?  Duh.

What would you do if you got attacked while on a run? Here are a few options for self-defense, from phone apps to freaking retractable claws and shoe spikes. No mention of a legal sidearm discreetly carried on a run?

The best trail running shoes, according to Outside Magazine’s gear treaters advertising department.

Six reasons trail running is better than mountain biking. I haven’t been on a mountain bike for years, but I’m sure I’d still love it.  Main problem for me: Cost. Yowza, that’s an expensive sport!

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