Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, June 23

Ultramarathon and Trail News:

So the Robert Young trans-con ultra ultramarathon saga has come to an end.  Did Laz’s rag-tag letsrun-funded parade contribute to the demise? I have no idea what happened, but something certainly didn’t feel right about it all.

Read it: Jim turns in a great report from Bighorn 100. Mistakes made, how to use natural TP, altitude sickness, lessons learned, and a challenge to not run it after seeing the pictures.

Aaaaaannnndddd…..the beer mile is officially dead.

Looks like registration just opened up for this race in Whisler. RD’ed by masochist Gary Robbins, the 50k has 11k’ of vert and runs to a damn glacier.

I guess that Lance and I are finally competing in something.

Inspiring story about a cancer survivor who’ll be toeing the line (can we stop using this term?) this weekend at Squaw.

Speaking of Western, the google trekker is making it’s way on the course at a pretty good clip.  Pretty sure Max King walked it on the PHS track yesterday.

Meanwhile, the Auburn Journal has a big crosshairs on Magda’s back for Saturday’s race.

My pick for (somewhere on) the podium is Devon Yanko, especially after reading this manifesto.

No ultramarathon content at all, but I’ve been paying attention to this rescue mission on the South Pole.  Looks like they’re halfway through the danger zone.

Cory’s seven stages of sauna heat training.  

Great pacers and what it takes from both sides, from the Trail Sisters.

I need to unsubscribe from the ultra list. How do I do it?

Alright, not to be picky, but if you walk for three days of an ultramarathon swimming event, does that really count?  Is that an FKT?

I’ve got to get back east for this race one day: Here’s a summary of the Mt Washington Road Race.

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