Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, July 23

This is going to be awesome. US Mountain Running Championships are in Bend, OR this weekend with some seriously fast dudes. Here’s IRF’s preview.

Dane’s throwing some more bombs: The fallacy of fat and fit. What do you think?

Great words and images from an aid station at Mt Hood 50.

I can never read too many Hardrock reports or see too many pictures.  Here’s Chris’ story from a tough fought race.

No matter how many times I read about descending, I still don’t feel I’ve improved over the past ten years.

A group of friends in NY tried to get their running buddy chicked for his birthday.  For 99% of the population, that sentence has an entirely different meaning.

I thought I was harsh on Lance. This writer really doesn’t like him. A lot.

Must be nice to win your first hundred miler…especially when she said it was fun and easy.

In a fringe sport like ours, the outliers are really far out there. The folks running Sri Chimnoy are putting in some serious miles around a block in NY with the leader clocking over 70 miles a day for six weeks straight.

Site news: Recording new podcast today with a guy who’s got a crazy story to tell. Can’t wait to hear it and share it.

…and the contest winner goes to…Jeff B from Truckee California gets a new shirt (and some URP swag) from slow & co.  Thanks to all those who’ve helped out the site. I appreciate the support.

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