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Four recovery techniques to help after a strong endurance event. Great list.

Take some time to read this: Long form essay on the problem of Tarahumara who’ve turned to running drugs out of fear and necessity. Great writing, tragic stories, abhorrent laws, but damn…some pretty stout running.

Misleading headline of the day: Avoid drinking milk and have a beer a day for good health.  As much as I’d like there to be a connection, they’re not recommending beer in place of milk.

I’ve got to do this next year: San Francisco Marathon Ultramarathon.  Great story telling and pics by Scott Dunlap.

The IAU should be embarrassed: Nearly four weeks after the event, they send a letter to participants informing them that their timing system was flawed and that all of the results have been changed. US women and US men both knocked down one spot. Mistakes happen, but how in the world did it take nearly a month to figure this out???

And in other (Olympic) medal news, some athletes getting bumped up because of PED findings. 

Remember that ginormous event in Utah that everyone was going to boycott? Well, it’s packed full of vendors, gear experts, PR folks, and our very own gear editor Ben.  Anything you’d like him to check out specifically or report back on?

Have you ever had a “perfect race?” What determined that? Personally, my perfect race (or close to it) was a few years ago…a 50k on Mt Diablo where everything just…clicked. Felt strong at start, stronger towards the finish. Calories were on point, mentally strong throughout. Interesting to note: Two weeks before, I’d got some crazy rash on my lower leg and my doc gave me some pills to knock it down (Cortisone? Prednisone? Can’t remember.) I took it and the rash disappeared. Was my great race a result of that? Correlation? Causation? I’ll never know. So yes, I likely doped.

Lagunitas Heineken invests in Michigan’s Short’s Brewing Co.  Never had their stuff. What am I missing?

You hears us briefly discuss Gabe Grunewald showing up at the Placer High track for Western in this interview with Kaytlyn Gerbin.  Unfortunately, she’s not responding to chemo and the tumors have multiplied.

It’d be great if there were an easier way to raise money for a new track in Ashland (oh, wait), but very cool of the Nike Oregon Project folks to help out.

Science: Go the hell outside.

I dunno, I like the fact that Finland has pivoted away from legitimate sports and has gone all-in with wacky, unconventional activities.

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