Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, July 30

Jamil fills us in on the details of what happened during Jim Walmsley’s Hardrock FKT attempt. Dude was going for it!

World Athletics issues new guidelines for “legal” shoe technology.

This good boy had to be helped down from Mt Olympus due to heat exhaustion.

Ultrarunning: Are virtual races the new normal? I hope not. I know RDs are trying to make ends meet and some people really like the virtual aspect, but I just can’t get into them. You?

What kind of runner are you? (And is “the Mose” a nod to Dwight’s brother?)

“I thought I had something to offer because I can move quickly in weird, bad terrain,” Humphrey said. 

The RD from Idaho’s IMTUF volunteers to find missing hiker and comes away successful.

More about Damian’s recent FKT on the New Pennine Way.

Trailrunner Mag: Great story, details, and photographs from three rad chicks who just ran the Trinity Alps Traverse in North Eastern California. Looks beautiful!

I only met Rivs a few times, but his story is really resonating with me as I can’t stop thinking about what his family–especially his wife and three girls–must be going through right now. When you purchase one of these shirts, all proceeds go to the family to help them during this time. Throw your name on the list to be notified, as I’m sure they’ll sell quick.

Speaking of long runs, Courtney Dauwalter announced yesterday she’ll be taking a crack at the 500 mile Colorado Trail next week. Go get it!

I’d like to publicly apologize for ever calling anyone with an ear infection a whimp. My god, this is miserable! Feels like I’ve got a back ache in my head! (On antibiotics and hoping this will be over soon.)

ORM: Spartan cancels all races for remainder of 2020.

I’m assuming this is the first time a state Supreme Court Justice will be sworn in as she’s running an ultramarathon.

Another visually impaired ultra trail runner completing her goals and not making excuses. Awesome work!

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