Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, July 30

This is what it looks like when you spend a month in Colorado pacing at Hardrock, going to trail running photo camp, and hanging out in your cool van with Jenn Shelton.  Sarah, I’m officially jealous.

And here’s Brendan’s report from Hardrock, with predictably awesome pictures.

These guys walked every single block in NYC…anyone ever done anything like this for a trail system?

Pop quiz: Which sport has more doping than cycling, track, and rugby. Nope, wrong. Wrong again. Wrong again. Try here.

The Northern Cascades can be a fairly inhospitable area, and that’s what makes Luke’s self-supported 100 miler all the more cool. Great pics!

While you were sleeping, I posted a new podcast! Mark Tanaka is a Bay Area ER Doc who’s run over 160 ultras with barely one DNF.  He’s got a ton of energy and some amazing stories to share…enjoy!  Also recorded two new episodes with Sage Canaday and Stevie Kremer…stay tuned!

So I married an ultrarunner: An interview with Jenny Jurek.  And similarly, living with an ultrarunner is not always easy.

This is an ultramarathon: New record set for world’s longest certified footrace.

LetsRun has a pretty good piece on the IAAF, gender, and the possible “end of women’s sports as we know it.”  What do you think?

As a spectator, it drives me crazy when elites quit, but sometimes it makes a whole lotta sense.

Kids are gone for a few days, so I get to go play (4 hour run) on Angel Island. Yahoo!

You could eat healthy and exercise, or you could pay a ton of money to freeze yourself skinny.

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