Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, July 7

Ultramarathon News From Around the World

Short ultramarathon news day today. Finishing up production on one of the most enjoyable and inspiring interviews I’ve conducted in five years. Set for release later this morning.

…so take the opportunity to read Yitka’s fantastic tale of an epic 100 miler through the “Issy Alps” where she encountered more vert than Hardrock, tough briars, bears, angry women, and  a man burying a body(???)

An older Canadian dude’s out on a hike with his dog when a mother bear comes running at him.  A boxing match ensues and he’s got one hell of a story to tell.

The essential running library. Books, podcasts, and more.  While I’m honored URP is on the list, the absence of Dean K’s Ultramarathon Man is a bit strange.

Kilian ascends Mt Blanc TWICE in a single day, because Kilian.

Whew. Clove weaves the emotional and untimely loss of her mother into her Western States report.

I’m enjoying following Ambyr’s trail runs around America.

How to get your kids hooked on the outdoors.  They missed the most obvious: Show them your love for the outdoors and they’ll emulate it.

Sarah reflects on her run at Western with thoughts and pictures.

For many, the hardest part about making the Olympic team is affording it.

What Ian learned while running the Comrades/Western double this year.  Is there a more consistent ultramarathon runner out there than Ian?

Nathan digs in for a deeper interview with Jim Walmsley after Western.  And yeah, I’m kind of excited at the prospect of Jim running North Face in December.


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