Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, June 20

Ian Sharman: There’ll be a lot of people cheering for Ian to get that 10th buckle next weekend. Here’s his story on how he got to this point.

Trail Sisters: Important info on blood clots and DVT. Everyone should read this and be aware of the symptoms.

Beck: Kevin Beck explains his post about the upset HS track runner from a few weeks ago (and your subsequent comments here) and does a good job explaining and defending what a personal blog is meant for. I love the rawness and honesty of blogs and hope to see a resurgence.

Great race report from Hellbender 100 in North Carolina. Two things I learned besides it being a race outside my wheelhouse: A snot otter is not something I want to step on. And two, we’ve been looking at moving to Raleigh more and more and this is inspiring me. Also, good Lee Conner reference in the report and hey, listen to the guy wearing XO-Skin gear, it’s nice stuff! (Shameless plug…use URP for 20% off your order.)

Daily Mail: This teen athlete sure knows how to shock his mom at dinner.

Trail Runner/Roche: Six things to do on race morning.

IRF/Damian Hall: Good bio and info on Kaytlyn Gerbin…someone I’m guessing will be either first or second at WS100 next weekend.

Speaking of Western, everyone’s got an opinion about the race and I can understand most points of view……….except the one that spins people into fits of fury when the race is described as “Western” when they prefer “States” or vice versa. There are plenty of things in this world to get upset about, and this should definitely not be one of them.

MassUltra: Good response to the Outside Trail Parasite article.

Heading up to Broken Arrow today and volunteering all weekend so there won’t be any Daily News tomorrow morning, but stay tuned for a new podcast episode this afternoon.

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