Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, June 22

And just like that, Pliny loses the throne. Anyone in Michigan up for a trade? 

Did you hear our latest interview? I caught up with Jackie Merritt and we talk about crazy #beastcoast races, transitioning from basketball to ultramarathon running, poodles, and more.

Yoga: Not my thing. Beer yoga: Still not my thing.

Excellent list of SF Easy Bay trails, how to get to them, and whether or not they have bathrooms.

My five year old counts future events by sleeps. “How many sleeps until we go camping?” “How many sleeps until my birthday?”  Two more sleeps until Western States. Three until some finish it.

CTS: How to prevent taper tantrums. If I were running this weekend, I’d be all over the Alpenglow Mountain Fest. Stay active, but nothing intense.

Latest Mountain Outhouse: WS fashions, hand holding, and weekend results.

Check out more of Avery’s cornrows in this pre-WS interview. Anxious to see what he’s got…I’ve got him in my top ten.

No ultramarathon content whatsoever. This can’t be real, can it?

Hey Eric, I just wanted to let you know that our sales increased greatly after your podcast. We are thrilled and definitely will want to sponsor another podcast in the future!

Are you interested in advertising on URP? Shoot me an email here and let’s talk timelines and rates.

Excellent: Eight habits of people with amazing determination and willpower.

I’m not sure I understand Clare’s mindset: She’s anxious to race in the most competitive ultra in the country, but doesn’t care about the results. My competitive brain doesn’t process this…anyone help me out?

Wait, Reebok is in the compeititve running space?

Upon reading this, Chris Mocko was seen bashing his head against a wall and shrieking “A dog?  A freaking dog????”

Sarah: How to judge whether to tough it out or not.

Very, very hot and miserable after a short run in 106 degree heat. (But digging the rabbit shirt!)

I went on a quick run in the 106 degree heat yesterday and thought I was going to die.  Unfortunately, this guy did. Be safe out there everyone.

Found on 49: A 48 minute film of Jim’s run at Western last year. Pre race interviews, race footage, and after thoughts.

Ben reviews the Altra Escalante and gives it about the highest marks possible. Looking for a zero drop road shoe? This is it.

I’ve got money on Western this year (XC style scoring), so it’s interesting to see what the iRF Hive predictions look like.

This dude is running across Iowa in a mask to raise awareness of veterans suicide. 100% of the funds go to charity…all expenses are coming out of his own pocket. Not mentioned is that the runner recently ran a 50k less than 4 months after going thru open heart surgery. Veteran suicide is an important issue to me. I lost a cousin to it about two years ago…no idea he was depressed, no signs of PTSD.

More details on how Mt Washington shook out this past weekend.

One more episode to release today: Ms. Consistency Amy Sproston. Stay tuned.


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