Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, June 24

Is it really Western States weekend already? Here’s the “groupthink” predictions from iRunFar readers. And here’s Brian Metzler’s take on what may go down.

Meanwhile, Lavaredo Trail Ultramarathon is going on overseas this weekend. Here is Ian Corless’ preview.

Anchorage Daily News: Another race in Alaska, and another bear on the course who doesn’t want to leave.

The Japanese Olympic Trials are taking place over the next few days and look like they’ll be easier to watch than those for the US.

Semi-Rad: Haha! Nailed it. This was exactly what I did!

Did you catch our latest podcast episode? I chat with ultramarathon runner and endurance paddler Torsten Heycke about the myriad outdoor sports he’s interested in. We talk paddling, running, mapping, race directing, and why everyone should visit Ashland Oregon soon.

The wind made it hard for me to cross the road to get close. I had snot and drool pouring off my face which made it hard to talk. I was so happy to see him and wished I could just stop there but it was less than a mile to go. I was never really sure where I was because visibility was so low, but I had a feeling I was getting close when I could hear cheering. A surprise very strong tailwind pushed me (literally) to the base of the wall.

–Not all race reports are from races that go well. Here’s Leslie’s report from her tenth Mt Washington Road Race where she proves that “trail fit” does not equal “road racing fit.”

Every vlogger or content creator can take a camera onto the trail, point it at his face (it’s always a him), drop in some dramatic music and prattle on about how extreme the trail is. I prefer raw and unedited footage like this though…It’s a shot of Sara Alonso running/climbing over some trails in Italy en route to an FKT.

Here’s a tree I paddle past a few times each week. All the surrounding trees and foliage are green, but the herons, cormorants, and hawks have decided to sit at the top of this tree and poop all over it, giving it a snow-dusted aesthetic.

Ten ultramarathons in a row is the female record? No one’s beat that at Sri Chimnoy? Can someone check that for me?

Grandma’s Marathon is awesome in its own right. Now do it back and forth to make it a proper ultramarathon. Nice job gentlemen!

Adventure Journal: Meet the NP ten new National Recreation Trails.

Science: Your playlist is helping you fight fatigue.

Testament to the awesomeness of Olympic sprinter Alyson Felix: Here’s an article about her from 2003–that’s eighteen years ago. Wow! Fun fact: My parents work out on the same track as Alyson.

Newsweek: Sports stars speak out against the inclusion of trans woman Laurel Hubbard in the Olympic Games.

And for a more humorous take…Female Weightlifter Suffers Tragic Testicle Injury Just Weeks Before Tokyo Olympics.

Lake Sonoma has been moved to early September and the entrants field is already looking pretty awesome.

My Western States plans: Sunny and I are heading up Friday morning and will get there around noon. We’ll spend the night on the lifts near the Escarpment to watch the sun rise and the runners pass by and maybe play a little alphorn. Then we’ll head over to Foresthill with our water fan until the top few women come through. Then it’s off to Placer High where Sunny, AJW and I will geek out all night near the gate. Hope to see some of you there.

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