Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, June 25

Here’s your chance to beat Sage Canaday in a 4 mile race. The award if successful: Your weight in beer. Start training!

Here we go again…is a high fat diet best for endurance athletes?

It’s going to be a hot weekend (and summer) in the West: If you’re racing in the heat, do yourself a favor and give this podcast a second listen. Pam really digs into the secrets of heat tolerance past the 29 minute mark.  Then read this page from a guy who’s endured some serious hot runs.

Here are some more food trends if you’re into that sort of thing.

AlSal responds to allegations made against him right here. Competitor offers some analysis here, and Epstein quickly eviscerates his response right over here.

Sarah wrote a powerful piece about “Kiwi Paul” and how he took his love for Western, and moved the passion back to New Zealand.

Here’s the latest (and last!) Western States podcast featuring Brendan Davies and Cyril Cointre.   Really solid guys, each with compelling stories.

Sad: Self supported MTB trek in Oregon shut down because some of the participants were asshats.

If you’re in Tahoe/Squaw for the race, swing by Tahoe City for the Alpenglow Mountain Festival. There’s a full schedule of FREE events to be had, including a trail run with Luis Escobar at 9am from the store.

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