Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, June 30

Short News Day in the Ultramarathon World

Eric Lee is currently tackling Colorado’s 14ers in an attempt to take the FKT from Andrew Hamilton.

For junkies like me who enjoy all terrains and distances, this 80 second clip is pure bliss and inspiration.

Anton’s latest climbing adventure.

A bit defensive, yeah.  I get the feeling that some in the MUT community are perturbed with the attention Jim is getting for his run.  To those pointing to URP for not highlighting Andrew Miller or any other runners, my first criteria for an interview is a great story, and quite frankly, Jim’s is the one I wanted to hear.  Regarding other runners, I’m interviewing Sarah today about her sub 24 hour finish, then circling back this afternoon with Colleen and Chris to find out how their run went from the back of the pack.  I pride myself on the variety of interview subjects on URP, and simply don’t have time to interview all the runners on my list. I wish I could. (And heck, if Andrew’s not returning Jim’s calls, he’s probably not going to answer mine…)  Peace.

Ultrarunner and SFRC bro Jorge Maravilla isn’t letting his residence or age get in the way of a lifelong dream. At 38, he’s vying for a place on the El Salvadorian Olympic marathon team. Go get it, Jorge!

Update: Ashland, Oregon lost a colorful character when MUT runner Todd Ragsdale went missing on a run in January and his body was found shortly after.  Tox tests are back, and there’s no conclusion on why he passed away.

KJ: How to run further than you’ve ever run before.

ITUNES UPDATE: There’s a problem with the podcast app pulling new episodes to your devices. It seems that since June 7, subscribers aren’t getting the new shows, but instead need to manually search for them on the URP iTunes page.  This doesn’t seem to be a problem with other podcast apps, only iTunes (please correct me if I’m wrong.)  Trust me, I’m working on it and apologize for the inconvenience.  We’ve done a force refresh, but there might be some corrupted code somewhere, whateverthehell that means.

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