Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, June 4

In case you missed the huge news, the BBC aired a show accusing Nike coach Alberto Salazar of doping his athletes. The show was/is unavailable for US viewers, but here’s the link.…anyone have a link to a copy we can view?  Here are the two articles the piece was based off, and they are damning.  I’ll say it again: Keep the USATF out of MUT running.

If you’re interested in learning more about governing bodies in international MUT running, Dan posted an excellent analysis right over here.

And on an entirely different level of disappointment, I understand there was only one solo runner at this craft beer/trailrunning event in Colorado? Where was everyone?

This sounds like an excellent living situation. Bunch of cool people, gardens, cheap rent, beer taps with a running tab that’s added on your rent…Put it in Boulder or Flagstaff and it’d work well.

Stay tuned for a cool new poster coming out that’s sponsored by Rogue Valley Runners, Simple Hydration, Michigan Bluff Photography, and URP. Here’s a peek.

Some good basic running tips from Iron Mike Wardian.

And some good basic tips about conquering hills.

How long does it take you to forget about the pain of your last workout?

Here’s David Laney’s report from the IAU Trail World Championships last week.

Running with complete abandon and disregard for my pulverized quads

…and be sure to check out Alex Nichols insightful report from the same race.

Need to escape to the trails for just a few fun minutes? Watch this quick video and it’ll take you to the forest, or watch this short video and it’ll take you to beautiful southern Utah.

Listener Kenny just reported back from his first SwimRun race in Sweden: “I just completed it on Sunday– 44 degree water, super technical running (you swim in your shoes and run in your wet suit)–in total about 25 miles combined of running and swimming. In talking to the other teams (it’s a partner race), many of them were ultra guys/fell runners from all over Europe… This, in addition to being the most difficult race I’ve ever done, is part of the ultra community of Europe.  Although difficult for this Florida boy accustomed to flat running and 80 degree water, the scenery was stunning and just getting to the tiny island was an adventure in and of itself.”  Thanks Kenny! Sounds awesome.

Short news day. Two interviews, one gear review, a Montrail Ultra Cup update, and some pretty intense beer reviews all need to be done. Today.

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