Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, June 6

Stephanie Case wrote a good response to the Outside Magazine piece. She did a great job of addressing the perceived imbalance of trail work between groups, but I wish she would have also gone after the editors for their relentless trolling. (Understandable, this would have been strange to do in their mag.) As I’ve said before, the conversation about trail work is good and Peruzzi made a few good points, but the editors (and magazine’s) attempt to troll us, divide us, and take us for granted in public just for clicks is inexcusable. I will not be rewarding the magazine with even one click, so here’s her piece on web archive.

Backpacker Mag: If you were dropped into the outback with a map and traditional compass, would you know how to use it? No, then read this article.

Marketwatch (wait, what?) does a pretty darn good job with a list of cities you should visit when their big races are taking place. Did they miss anything?

Business: Which brand has sold the most running shoes (in terms of dollars) at run specially stores over the past twelve months? (I just heard most of you say to yourselves “HOKA, right?” Wrong.)

Adventure Journal: Kids who spend time outdoors make happier adults. Duh. Also, I’d urge you to subscribe to Adventure Journal. It’s a beautifully printed magazine with compelling articles, no advertorials, beautiful photography, and a shared love of our communities. NFI, BTW.

Speaking of kids…Sunny jumped out of a window and broke her arm in glorious fashion on Tuesday. When I found her, she was on the ground with her right arm supporting her left forearm that was hanging at about 30 degrees from where it should’ve been. Gory gory gory x-rays here and here. We’re leaving for Portugal and Andorra next month and the thought of a traditional cast doesn’t sound fun, does it? Any docs or med folks have advice? Looks like she’ll have surgery (posts and pins) in a few days which means recovery will take place during our trip and that presents a whole host of problems. Has anyone used overseas docs to get images, remove a cast, or get follow up treatment? We’re with KP, for what it’s worth. Any advice sincerely appreciated. Thanks! (In our attempt to raise an adventurous girl, this is what we get! Ay!)

NYT: The Times discusses transgender runners at Western States.
I’ll correct one thing: The author states that “No prize money, scholarships or endorsement deals are at stake” and that’s simply not accurate. While no prize money is awarded by the race, sponsored athletes are absolutely paid for performance should they win or place well at the event. That’s important. Also to note, while the NYT interviewed and cited numerous people who support trans athletes competing against cis women, they didn’t link to or cite anyone who thinks this is a bad move for women’s sports. There are good arguments on both sides, and the NYT chose to forgo any semblance of balance in this important discussion.

ESPN: Really good bio and coverage (and yes, we get it, she’s petite) of Allie Ostrander’s career and championship odds. She’s incredible to watch and I can’t wait to see what she does in her post-collegiate career.

TrailRunner Magazine: Kilian Jornet’s interview after Zegama. Ooh, am I happy I didn’t announce that race…those names!

BBC: Ultimate limit of human endurance found. It’s a bit of a clickbaity title, but it looks like there’s some pretty good info on how exactly we can study our metabolic rates for maximum efficiency. Here’s another take on the study from PopularScience.

Want to see what humans will do to push themselves and create their own adventures? A blind guy and a woman in a wheelchair have joined forces to tackle 14ers in Colorado in an ingenious way. You have to see this.

TrailRunner/Roche: How to design workouts for maximum hill training.

Stay tuned: Chatting with Amanda Basham today for a Friday release podcast.

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