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And here I thought lululemon were yoga pants for rich girls, and they’re actually making shorts specifically made to protect my testicles.

Read this: What is it that makes us happy, and will we ever actually meet our goal?

And read this: Luke Nelson’s post about where responsibility lies when a runner dies during a tough ultramarathon? (LINK FIXED) Jared Campbell nailed in his points about why Barkley has done so well. I also read Yitka’s article in the latest Trail Runner (not sure if it’s online) about the subject and it’s fantastic writing.

Sabrina Little’s race report from Cayuga Trail 50 gives us some humorous insight into her day, as well as a look at winner Corrine Malcom.  Here’s more on Corrine.

….and here’s Jay Friedman’s DNF from the report. His body was fine, hydrated, and ready, but he knew he couldn’t make it.  Have you had that experience? I know I have.

…and here’s Matt Flaherty’s report from the race.  Alright, no more reports Matt, get back to writing music.

I’ve never been 4 hours north of Toronto (or any of Canada, for that matter), but I certainly didn’t expect it to have trails like this. WOW.

Did you hear Brad’s interview earlier this week about midwest ultramarathons and his recent run at Booneville Backyard Ultra? Here’s his report, complete with plenty of mud pics.

There’s been some little ol Plague found up in Tahoe, but don’t worry about it unless you play with dead animals.

More on Wardian’s crazy 100 mile/half marathon double.

Apparently there are some new shoes on the market with thick soles that runners seem to like.

….yeah, yeah, I know it’s about this study. The findings seem about right to me. What do you think?

To hell with it? Here’s how to transition the other way.

Gentle beg again: Pop on over to the podcast awards. Vote for URP (sports and rec, near bottom right), then confirm your vote. You can vote once a day. If I win, I get a ticket to UTMB and can bring 10 guests! (Not true.)

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