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Ultramarathon News From Around the World

Check out these pics from Transgrancanaria.  Gorgeous trails!  I’ll be chatting with Tim Tollefson today about his run/bonk at the race this past weekend.

Part race report, part relationship report. You’ve got to read David Roche’s post about Way Too Cool.

And don’t miss this: David’s latest column about perfecting your stride on any surface: Road, trail, or ultramarathon.

Protip: If you’re an elite athlete, be careful what you put in your body.

Seems like ultra/trail folk are drawn to dogs as much as we are to good ales. Here’s a good short film about how a rescued dog saved his owner’s (and his) life.

Jay’s report from Caumsett 50k ultramarathon championship and the efforts needed to reign in the speed for a road 50k.  Nice splits!

And here’s Caroline’s report from the race. Masters record, Nat’l Championship title, and a spot on the US Team in Doha. Nice job Caroline!

Speaking of road runs, here’s Greg’s report from a road marathon as he preps for Comrades.  Favorite quote:

Marathons just don’t have that stupid factor that so appeals to me about ultra running.


Decisions, decisions: Olympic trials or Mt Marathon?  Allie Ostrander is incredible…and don’t overlook that part about her grades.

Here’s my latest review: DrinkTanks insulated growler with keg cap attachment.

And now that it seems the Beer Mile has jumped the shark, perhaps this insane event (Gelande Quaffing) might catch on?

Beavis-Cornholio-700x400Cornholio approved: Chewable coffee. An interesting addition to any aid station or gear pack.

Justin Ricks’ Mad Moose Event company scores 30k trail championship race.  That’s probably my favorite distance to race.

Skurka puts out an incredibly detailed guide on thru-hiking the Wind River High Route, then says nah, don’t do it.

Check out Zach Bitter’s last month of training. High mileage, but relatively few miles of intense workouts.

Support your local, independent running store, dammit.

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