Ultra Marathon (sp?) Daily News, Thurs, Mar 16

Incredibly technical method to figure out the big question: Is it ultramarathon, ultra marathon, or ultra-marathon. Does it matter? No. What do you think it should be?

Without looking, how many of the mens champions at Western States have been 40+ years old? How about for the ladies?  Check out the results right here.

In my own life, I am out there like my team was in Death Valley. Out there, somewhere in the middle, where it is too far in to turn around and not yet close enough to the end to see the light. This is a messy space. An in progress space. A ripped raw and exposed space. A vulnerable, often times ugly space. It is also a space, despite not knowing how to fix some things, despite having no idea what things can be saved and what things will be lost, that I know I have the endurance to survive. 

Great post by Devon Yanko on vulnerability, life, and being part of a team.

Though the “craft brew” term is a bit loose, try to guess the top five craft breweries in the US, by volume. 

Do you want to be taxed an additional rate to pay for outdoor rec? The “backpack” tax would do just that and the Outdoor Industry Assn just released its position paper detailing its opposition.

Your yoga pants and puffy jackets are killing the ocean.

One of the most controversial and litigated trails in the country: The hiking trail to the HOLLYWOOD sign.

No ultramarathon content whatsoever, but a good read: Skating and culture in western China. 

Short news day today. What did I miss?

Late entry, but a compelling read: Ultrarunning, climbing, and the blurring of the two disciplines.  What do you think? Where are we headed? Where are you headed?

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