Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Mar 19

SCMP: Excellent piece on Dylan Bowman and how is injury caused an identity crisis that eventually helped him focus on himself. Great read.

Slowtwitch: Why can’t I just get a refund?!? I’m appalled at some of the comments I’m seeing online and hope RDs are taking names of the offenders.

Sabrina Little/IRF: Are logical fallacies inhibiting your runs or workouts? Are you afraid of turkeys?

Such a short news day. Tough to report on the MUT (Mountain Ultra Trail) scene when there are no races, right?

ORM: Has your race been cancelled? Probably.

Ian Corless: Get to know Tom Evans.

Remember to support your local independent running store, but also remember your local brewer!

Trailrunner Mag: Go ahead, run outside.

I’ve put the athlete salary piece on hold for a few days. Stay tuned, it’ll be good.

I’ll be on Billy Yang’s podcast this afternoon (not sure of release date) to talk about life and running. Gotta figure out my tech issues first. Better run.

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