Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Mar 2

Britney Spears shows off her abs, chest, HOKAs on Instagram.  (Yes, for those counting, that’s both Biebs and Britney mentions in one week.)

Want to see the structured training blocks of 100 mile AR holes Zach Bitter. Check this out.

Colorado road biking event will have Wilco and Death Cab for Cutie as entertainment.  Cool!

Speaking of Colorado, the state submitted a bid to host OR next year.

No ultramarathon content, but check out that funky looking track (above) at a Jr High School in Santa Cruz. Four lanes, crazy turns, and a legit 400m.  More info here.  Anyone know of any stranger shaped official tracks?

Did you check out latest episode? Sarah and I talk about moving up in distance (first ultra, first 50, etc) from two very different perspectives.

Reader Nathan is doing a double crossing of Grand Canyon on Earth Day (4/22) and is looking for a place in Flagstaff. Anyone have an AirBnB to rent or a lead on another rental? Reply in comments. 

Lower your stress before a big race and you’ll perform better.  Sure, but haven’t we all had “stress races” where we take it all out on the trail and run better than ever?

The sorry state of the sports bra industry.  We published a sports bra review a few years ago right here.  Maybe another?

Two reviews coming out today: One a sock that helps treat PF, and one delicious Saison from Vermont.  Guess which one I wrote?

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