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Looks like Old Dominion is back on the list for the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning. What do you think?

Speaking of the Grand Slam, here’s more on the Athletes With Disabilities division at Vermont 100.  No extra time or accommodations, but the ability compete on equal ground.  Awesome. 

Speaking of AWDs and 100 milers, I’m speaking with Dave Mackey tonight for an upcoming podcast.  Plan your weekend run now, this’ll be a good one.

In that podcast, I’ll be talking about an upcoming trail camp I’m going to and offering up a free spot.  Want to run with Magda, Zach Bitter, Megan Arbogast, and Hayden Hawks on the Western States trail?  Details will be on the Patreon page and contest open exclusively to URP supporters.

“Africans won’t do well in ultras.”   Actually, they do really well. Check out these results from the Om Die Dam 50k (a traditional tune up for Comrades) in South Africa.

Want an all-expense paid trip to go on a fell running trip to the UK’s Lake District? Check out the INOV-8 contest right here.

Study: Today’s men are weaker than their fathers.  I wonder what a similar study for women would show? The opposite?

Cool: How a totally average runner trained for and ran a sub 5 min mile.

This badass Nepalese mountaineer is looking to summit Everest at 84 years old.  But nah, doesn’t sound like there’s a personal competition, does it?

Did you hear our latest podcast with Suzanna Bon. She’s got an incredible resume of ultramarathon wins across all distances and terrains and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.  Definitely a fun interview with lots of lessons.

That episode was sponsored by the guys (and gals!) at TrailsAndTarmac coaching.  From roads to trails of all distances, they’ll help you get faster and stronger by crafting custom workout plans with a small client/coach ratio. Check them out here.

Interesting addition to the Run Rabbit Run 100 Hares list is Olympian Anthony Famigletti.  I’m curious to know more about is entry into the MUT scene (his ultrasignup shows no results, but that might be inaccurate) and how he chose this race for his debut.  I’ve asked him to come on the show to chat, but he’s currently playing hard to get.  

Awesome: The science and art of taking risks.  Certainly a trait many in the MUT scene share, right?

Tired of running trails and have a few minutes for a great article? Maybe you should become a hobo and ride the rails across the country.  No ultramarathon content, but some seriously great stories.

If you’re looking for Kelsie, you can find her running incredible trails around the world or studying for her MCAT.   Wise decision to ditch social media for awhile.

Probably the best article on Laz and Barkley I’ve read.  Maps, pics, books, it’s all there.

Major prize money change for the World Marathon Majors: Less for the winner, more for 2-5 and wheelchairs.  Will we see a dip in performances?

Interesting: While breweries are booming, craft brew sales aren’t keeping pace. Old brewers aren’t able to adapt to the new environment and are closing down.

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