Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Mar 26

For some, every mile in an ultramarathon is similar to compound interest. Good read.

When you say “tempo run” do you really know what you’re talking about?

This post got me thinking about another thing I like so much about trail/ultrarunning. Runners (at least those I know) don’t try to look cool or boastful, they let their performance do the talking.

NUC: If you’re a doper, choose your college wisely. I didn’t realize different schools had their own policies for dealing with steroids.

Uhan/Bitter bait: Who burns the most calories in a race?

Well this could get interesting:

Interview with MUT photographer (and super nice guy) Matt Trappe.

Can Oiselle keep growing? I’m fascinated by the company and impressed by its growth.  Just wish they’d return emails. Grrr.

A Briton’s take on Barkley.

Why minimalism went flat, part two.

Runner’s World does a great job with a Marathon des Sables preview.

Want to increase your pain tolerance? Read here. M-Dot tattoos help, too.

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