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Training: While training for ultras, it’s important to be wary of overtraining and to focus on recovery. Here’s a good primer on how to not screw up your progress.

Science: Woman in UK doesn’t feel pain and has no fear. The article talks about her ability to undergo dental work with no anesthesia and other daily life situations, but I’d love to know how a condition like hers would translate to athletics. Does she feel muscle fatigue? Is her “red line” much higher than normal? And how would the “fearlessness” show itself in a race? Fascinating case (with similarities to Diane Van Deren) that I’d love to learn more about

You’re doing it wrong: Woman in China cheats during marathon by riding her bike for multiple sections and still finishes in 5:38.

This update from MassUltra covered Brian Rusiecki’s run on Mt. Tam and it got me thinking…is there an FKT (or hell, an OKT) for fastest combined times for the East Coast Mt Tam(many) and the West Coast Mt Tam(alpais)?

Trail Vid: Nine Trails turned out to be pretty sweet last weekend. Here’s a video of the action.

Scott Dunlap offers an explanation of what’s driving the increase in ultramarathon events: Endurance sports are a luxury and in an ever-increasingly connected world, human interaction gets us going.

One can only wonder if there’s something in the typical ultramarathoner’s diet that causes men’s beards to grow in an uncontrolled manner. I seemed to be the only person with a Y-chromosome in a 10-mile radius without one. Maybe ultrarunners are all hippies. Still, the biggest hippie around was me, because in my pocket I had a small plastic bag with 200 micrograms of pure love and spiritual awakening in paper form.

-What happens when you run an ultramarathon tripping on LSD? Read on.

Urban adventures: If you run in cities, you’ve had experiences like this. You can either whine that it’s not the trails and that trails are so much better, or you can see streets and cars and exhaust, crazy teenagers, and drunk frat bros as all part of the adventure and have fun with it. (For the record, I’ll take the trails.)

Gear: What do you take in your gear bag to Marathon des Sables?

Reflection: Leslie had a lousy race this past weekend in New England and does some good analysis on what went wrong. Was is the shoes? Extra weight? Training?

Trails are closed due to mud and weather and cops are writing tickets to trail runners, hikers, and bikers.

URP Daily News from March 28, 2014. Anton, Lake Sonoma, Amy Sproston, Barkley…

Born into different circumstances, don’t you wonder what this guy could’ve done? Perhaps it’s his hard life that taught him to train hard, or maybe he’s the most physically gifted runner in the world, who knows? He farms, mines, trains, and cares for his 4 kids and wife in rural India and is now headed to World Trail Champs in India.

Science? I dunno, seems like there are better ways to spend $200 than to be told to avoid fast food, limit your red meat, and eat more veggies.

#Everystreet: Interview with Rickey Gates after his Mexico City run.

Strava: A related question. I’m doing my own #everystreet around Sacramento right now and am looking for a way to draw a route in Strava and have it give me directions via bluetooth. Is that possible? Seems like it should be, right? Thanks for any guidance.

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