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NY Times: How and why ultramarathon records are being shattered, with a particular emphasis on Sanya Sorokin’s latest 100mile WR.

In Monday’s Daily News, reader Brad Bishop pointed out the method in which the Cowboy 200 race directors will award prize money. According to the site, “1st place male and female will receive a cash reward equal to 10% of the total of their genders registration fees.” What do you think? Fair?

Is the Broken Arrow VK not enough for you? Check out the new Iron Face Challenge (uses some big vert at Palisades and also includes protected climbing on the Via Ferrata route!) and if it sounds appealing, better register soon as there are only 50 spots.

Take 3 1/2 minutes to watch this new film by Derrick Lytle, featuring Jason Schlarb and an awesome message of maximizing our time and doing what we find important in life.

iRunFar/Potter: Interview with Patti Flynn, a transgender runner and activist who works with RDs to enforce inclusion.

I believe it was Brendan Leonard from semi-rad who shared this YouTube channel a few weeks ago. Thanks again! I’ve had it on non-stop since then.

Go Oz! (Here’s our interview w him from 2013.)


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An art gallery in London is featuring pieces by track and field athletes and from what’s shown, I’d love to see more. Any galleries in the US do anything like this?

We can have a good discussion as to whether transgender women should run in the female category in sport. It’s an interesting topic and I can understand the yearning for inclusion.
Can we all agree that results and awards should not be altered retroactively, especially any results from before a transition?
Consider the following situation and let me know what you think: In 2013, Grace Fisher took “the first steps to coming out as a woman” and started entering the female division at races. OK, fine. I can appreciate why TRAs want those results in the female category. I don’t agree, but I can understand.
But recently, ultrasignup has started re-assigning the results from before 2013 to the female category. How in the world is this fair to the women who raced Fisher (while he was in the mens category) and now have their accomplishments diminished? And more generally, what does this say about the integrity of any results if they can be changed retroactively like this?
Let me know what you think. And please, remember to use your name in the comments. Thanks.

Mental health and longevity with Eliud Kipchoge.

–Valentyna Varetska (sorry about the tiny thumbnail)  is a Ukrainian refugee who won the women’s race in last week’s Jerusalem Marathon. Valentyna fled to safety in Poland recently with her daughter while her husband is in Ukraine fighting the Russians.  And to those who don’t know, Jerusalem is very hilly so this is a great time!  Thanks to reader Carolyn for pointing out this great story.

Sarah Lavender Smith: How running an ultramarathon and substitute teaching are similar.  Sarah’s got more guts than me…I’ll only sub K-6th.

Here’s a tweet by a former Nike T&F athlete that shows the details of the athlete contract. Interesting to see and I’m curious how much it differs from others, especially in the MUT space. We need more athletes (whose NDAs have expired, of course) to talk openly about numbers so new athletes can have some sort of gauge to use when negotiating their own contracts.

Treeline Journal: Chase’s preview of the uber competitive Gorge Waterfalls 100k this weekend.

Ultrarunning Mag/Howard: How to prepare for injuries on the trail. This is a when, not if, situation.

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