Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Mar 4

iRunFar/Sarah: Oakland is known around the country, but not generally for luscious trails, wicked climbs, and fun trail running groups…but that’s exactly what you find in the Oakland Hills. Sarah Lavender Smith lived there until just recently and takes us on a tour of all it has to offer.

Meanwhile in Flagstaff, you’ve got Humphrey’s Peak to contend with. Here’s a cool description of the ascent and options.

What started as a goal of running ten minutes every day for two weeks turned into a four year running streak and now has YouTuber HellahGood on a transcontinental run across the US.

Grapes on a pizza might complement your Cadbury Creme Egg beer, right? What the hell is going on here?!?

Kiwi: Former gang member runs Tarawera in gumboots and does 10 burpees for every kilometer he runs. Dang! (Note: “Black power” is an organized crime gang in NZ, not the activist group in the US. And gumboots…well, those are tall rubber rainboots.)

Lize Brittin writes about the danger of disagreeing in today’s hyper-sensitive and intellectually silo’d atmosphere. Good read.
Personally, for the amount of grief I get for some of the links I share or for the opinions I have, I get more emails from people who agree with me but don’t want to subject themselves to the backlash.

Cool: The Eugene Marathon will use wood salvaged from Hayward Field in its medals.

 I now find training to be crucial to my resilience as a mom.  It’s part of the modeling of being a responsible adult, honestly.  The older my kids get, the more important it is for them to see a person set goals and manage day-to-day life, making decisions each day that support those goals.  My kids feel like they are part of my training and love supporting me now. 

–Amanda Roe

TrailSisters asks various moms how they train without feeling guilty about spending time away from the kids.

Anna Frost is now part of the rabbit pro elite team. Sometimes sponsorships/partnerships really work, and this is one of those instances.

Adventure racer is tragically killed mid-ride during the 72 hour Sea to Sea event in Florida. Here’s the story from another competitor.

A race slash time trial slash record attempt is going down in Virginia Beach today as outdoor 5k American record holder Paul Chelimo seeks to grab the indoor AR from Galen Rupp.

Trailrunner/Mayer: UTMB is back! Who, how, and when it’s happening.

iRunFar/Howard: Liza highlights Katie Holmes (no, not that one) for her Age-Old Runners column. I follow Katie on Twitter for her posts and knowledge about women’s endurance history and records and had no idea about her back story. Great read.

Parkruns are starting in the UK soon. The end is near!

DCRainMaker: Somehow I missed this one! In depth review of the new solar-powered Garmin Enduro GPS watch.

How long have I been talking about Japanese marathon runners on this page??? Here’s more: Yuki recently ran his 100th sub 2:20 marathon. I’d love to know who has second best in that metric.

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