Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Mar 9

Sarah details the race day prep and strategy (marathon and 50k) for two of her athletes.  Real training, real people, real results.

What does an ultramarathon do to your gut?

OK, who wants to watch the #cleansport folks suddenly quiet down?

Adidas is booming right now in sales and growth.  So how about pushing some of that money towards a light trail shoe with Boost???

Speaking of shoes, Salming has new leadership and looking forward.  I don’t understand this brand and it’s similar name (and typeface) to Salomon.  Nice shoes?


Hiking Spain’s oldest trail: The Camino de Santiago.  We spoke with Kevin Moore after he ran it last year and had a very inspirational talk…check that out here.

What happens when your urbanite sister crews you for a hundred miles in the mountains.

Under Armour kicks off a mountain racing series with gasp! no races in California.  Check out more info here.

This poor dude was enjoying a day on his MTB in Montana, flying down singletrack when SPLAT, he wipes out, flies into a grizzly bear, and is mauled to death. And for his riding partner, yeah, thanks guy.

Personal note: Went to a new PT yesterday who worked me for 90 minutes.  Told me there’s no way I should be out running yet due to severely limited mobility, flexibility, and strength. I trust this guy a lot and will be following his instructions. Ran the Alter-G for 20 minutes and it was awesome.  Hope to be back in a month or so.  If you’re healthy and fit, dammit, get out there and don’t take it for granted.

Me on the Alter-G Sweaty Diaper Machine.

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