Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, March 22

How to get more women intro trail running. But here’s an idea: Design and market products that fit the next generation of runners. I understand there may be limited return on slim margins in the short term, but the market is wide open for an enterprising company to start some brand loyalty at a young age. I’m by no means a retail expert (other than a voracious consumer), but if the manufacturers have hopes of giving this bubble any longevity–especially with females– they will recognize that getting kids on the trails at a young age will pay off in the not-too-long run.  Kudos to Salomon and Altra (NFI) for making little kid (1+) size shoes that are actual running shoes and not just overbuilt “running” shoes. 

Sparkly green skirt NOT by Salomon.

We worry about a few drug offenses, while the cycling world is having to follow its athletes around in X-ray trucks to make sure they’re not moto-doping.

Businesses have been quick to recognise the opportunity. While running might be an intrinsically inexpensive hobby, it is also a big market. Zhao Fan, Chinese distributor for Altra shoes, reports sales tripling every year and expects the trajectory to continue. Most international outdoor equipment brands have invested heavily, and several local rivals have emerged.

How the People’s Republic of China has become an endurance running powerhouse.

When both URP reviewers agree on a shoe, it’s certainly worth a look: Sarah checks out the Under Armour HOVR Sonic.

Go ahead. Sign up to pace a stranger at a hundred miler and it may be a magical experience.

The ins and outs of running in Death Valley.

If you follow Cory Reese on FaceBook, you know that he’s planning on running 100 miles on a cruise ship deck. That’s 1600 laps on what should be the most amazing GPS route ever.

Short news day. What did I miss?

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