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Amby Burfoot: Read this excellent bio about “Fast Eddie Rousseau” who at 79 is still going strong. He’s been running since 1957(!), has incredible wisdom and has a great story about why he started running in the first place. h/t SteelTownRunner

iRunFar: Great look at Tejas Trails RDs Joe and Joyce Prusaitis.

“He leaned forward and started charging. I could definitely feel the ground moving. There was a lot of force behind that animal,” McKnight described. “I thought, for sure, he was going to hit me to the ground and trample me.”

–Not a repeat: When you’re on a trail run and you come face to face with a bison.

Beer sponsor: Courtney Dauwalter is now sponsored by Sufferfest Beer, joining a team of pretty incredible athletes like Amelia, Paddy, Cat, and Amy.

Anyone know where this is? I love the idea.
(image from TheChive.com)

It’s like seeing a list of the “best running shoes” and they’re all crosstrainers from freaking Big 5. That’s about how I feel about this list of NA beers. There are SO MANY excellent NA beers and breweries out there, and they chose these?!? Looks like this writer got the assignment and put in the bare minimum work, doing a disservice to the craft NA scene and those looking for a healthier lifestyle. (The one redeeming bottle on that list is the Heineken 0%. It’s really, really good.)

Well this’ll be interesting. Squaw Valley announces lifts will be open until July. Broken Arrow and Westen States will be awesome!

Brett reviews the TOPO Ultraventure and comes to the conclusion of nearly everyone who’s tried the shoe: It’s a great MUT shoe with supreme durability at an appealing price point.

No news yesterday, sorry about that. Sunny hurt herself in early February by kicking a basketball and has complained about her foot since then. I saw no swelling and she kept running and playing, so I didn’t take her to the doc. (I can see some parents nodding, knowing where this story is headed.) Finally took her in on Monday and it turns out she fractured her metatarsal and has a Freiburgs’s Infraction and is now in a boot. Not allowed to run. Not allowed to play soccer. Not allowed to rock climb. Not allowed to trampoline. Essentially, she feels her life is over and this is the WORST DAY OF HER LIFE. So I was dealing with that.

And, well, kind of appropriate, I guess: White hot stabbing sensation under knee is probably nothing serious.

Jez Bragg: I’d wondered about what had happened to Jez Bragg, and now we’ve got an answer. He’s been battling IBS/Crohn’s and more for a few years and reflects on how its affecting his life and running. (If you’re on desktop, highlight the whole post, it’s impossible to read otherwise.)

Roche: How to use big marathon workouts for trail and ultramarathon success.

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. Anyone want to take over the Daily News tomorrow with a decidedly female spin? Email me here. (WP experience helpful but not necessary.)

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