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Read both of these accounts from women trail runners dealing with injury:

–We’ve all been there. Post-injury recovery, swearing that it’s going to be different this time, we’re going to take it easy and have fun and not let that happen again. (Link fixed.)

–Amelia Boone is right in the middle of injury, and she’s pissed.  Great read with raw emotions that many us have felt before.

This article is supposed to be about recovery gear, but all I see are knuckle lights, some sex toys, $125 flip flops, and a t-shirt.

mendocino ultramarathon
My buddy Sunaad following me through the redwood jungle at the Mendocino 50k last month.

I just added a race to the “Where to Find Us” thingie in the right sidebar: The Himalayan 100 in October. I’ll be running and covering the race and sharing my story with all of you as I prepare for my first stage race.  Big question: Are there IPAs in India?

Buzz nails it in the comments section: We complain about the overcrowded races and trails, so why not follow Leor’s lead and create our own adventures?

Looking for a cool gift for your ultramarathon/trail friends…or maybe yourself? This customizable infographic is pretty cool. (NFI)

Bah, to hell with “science.” Give me my cookie dough.

I really like the idea of this stash jacket from Altra.  Certainly not for everyone, but it looks like a great piece of gear for the right time.

Is anyone in Athens running the inaugural Thunderbunny 50k?

Wow, what a story: The most successful female Everest climber of all time is a housecleaner in Connecticut who’s going through a nasty divorce after years of abuse.

Five steps to ordering the perfect cup of coffee, every time.

Great article and a compelling challenge: Going sub 2:00 in the marathon.

Adam Chase breaks down the whole Run Gum vs USATF vs USOC debacle.

Bob Shebest had a great race at the Canyons, and welcomes us into his mind as the competition gets tough.

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