Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, May 14

Ethan asks the question: Is ultrarunning a brand in flux?

Welp, there’s one entry process big races won’t be using for sold out races.

Cory’s been sidelined for the past five months, fearing that he’d never run again. Then all of a sudden, everything is normal and he goes on a rad 14 mile trail run to celebrate.

More about Zach’s move to Barr Camp. Sounds really cool!

USATF Trail Championships is in two weeks at the Cayuga Trails 50 in New York.  Here’s a preview of the main entrants from each region.   And come on Jorge, pull the trigger and rep the West Coast!

Very interesting interview with Ba Ba Man, an Afghani trail runner who lists Kilian Jornet and Bruce Lee as his heroes. Read it.

Alright, so this little gadget shoots soundwaves through your beer to give it a nice head while retaining the carbonation in the glass.  It also promises to make lawn-mowing beer taste good. I’m intrigued.

So NYC Marathon RD Mary Wittenburg will be heading a new division for Virgin Sports. I’m interested to see what happens here. Hope they don’t just gobble up small races.

Meanwhile, the NYC Marathon might have a 50 miler in a few years. Yahoo!

Great video that shows Mike’s 50k treadmill record.

Here’s Stephanie’s (long overdue!) report from her incredible performance at Sonoma last month.

Tough terrain for the women of ultrarunning. What do you think of this article?

NYT: Why older runners are ultramarathoners.

So you think Southern California is all beaches and freeways? Jill takes us on a running and MTB adventure in the San Gabriel mountains.

Running store owners sound off about what shoes people are buying.

An update on Nepalese trail runner Pruna Tamang and the condition of the country from Trail Running Nepal.

Site news: One lucky contributor from the past week has a couple of Pliny’s heading their way. Thanks again for purchasing URP koozies and swag and supporting URP.

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