Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, May 16

Video: Cool video of Patrick Caron’s win at North Face New York.

Speaking of North Face, use URP20 for a 20% discount off registration.

Yosemite: One of the most glorious 20 mile loops in the world.

Business: It’s like Shark Tank, but for female entrepreneurs of the outdoor variety. I’d love to see some of the ideas!

Report: Leslie writes a great report about the Big A 50k in Maine, complete with syrup, Rooty trails, and Ben & Jerry’s references.

Tech: Sarah reviews the new 600 lumen waistpack light from UltraSpire.

“I’ve gotten so many of my big goals out of the way already,” she says. “So, what are the next big goals? As far as for the rest of this year, I’m training for Comrades and Western States to try and win both of those this year. Three weeks apart.”

Henry chats with Camille Herron about her last twelve months and what she’s got planned for this summer.

Track: I hadn’t actually watched this Boling’s anchor leg until yesterday. Ho-ly cow. Obea Moore is still my favorite HS sprinter of all time, but man, this kid is incredible! (Check out Obea’s anchor leg…grainy video fro 90s, but check out that incredible kick.)

Book Review: Sarah Lavender Smith writes a glowing and relatable review of Katie Arnold’s Coming Home. Here’s our chat with Katie from last year.

iRunFar: Bryon chats with Jim Walmsley about his HOKA run. Lots of good details and insight.

Gear: Ben checks out a few pairs of running shorts and tells you what he thinks of them.

And GearJunkie reviews the top women’s shorts for 2019.

Canadian Trail Running: Hitting the trails after 60? Just keep running.

Advice: Has anyone run UTRP in southern Portugal? Looking for some more information on the course/trails. Thanks.

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