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Ultramarathon and Trail Running News From Around the World

Excellent article on Anton’s rise to “fame”, how he’s dealing with it now, and which sports he’s most interested in pursuing. (Easy prediction: This will be the most clicked on link for the week.)

The Angry Jogger gives himself a pep talk, and it’s actually really, really good: Believe in yourself, get out of your comfort zone, and end the narrative of failure.

Science: “Fat but fit” is a big fat myth.

Soon as I started moving the urge to deuce left me and I basically farted through the next five miles. I literally farted my stomach back to normal. I’m talking those like 10-to-12 second rippers, where you’re basically praying to not crap yourself the entire fart. Every one brought a little bit more relief, physically and mentally (possibly spiritually, too), I felt as though I was “gambling” big time, like playing Russian Roulette with a loaded cannon aimed right at my shorts.

Jimmy Mac’s report from North Face 50 Bear Mountain.

I hope Sarah can read this great piece by Koop: How to optimize post-workout recovery when you have to perform again tomorrow.

Must read: Lauren Fleshman writes letter to her younger self, describing the changes her body will go through, the types of college programs available, and how to navigate the rough waters of athletics.

Ever wonder what “a day in the life” of Stephanie Howe looks like? Here you go.

New beer with a “fruity and peppery kick” gives you mystical sexual powers.

Quick interview with Candice Burt on 200s and directing races.

More on the “fittest cities” rankings

The case for the 2020 Olympic Trials cities. Go Sacramento! I’ll have to take issue with “Once you walk away from the stadium depending where you walked from or are parked, you’re stuck on a college campus or are walking through some not so nice neighborhoods.”  I live across the street from campus in River Park and we’re generally considered one of the nicest neighborhoods in the city. Fun fact: I can run from my house to Lake Tahoe (~140 miles) and only cross one street using the American River Parkway/Equestrian Trail, then hopping onto the Western States Trail and running it backwards.

I want to go running with these three moms in Utah.

Excellent: How to mentally recover from an injury.

Jamil writes about life stressors and categorizing our goals.  Man, I’m in the same boat right now!

More on the dude who tried to climb Everest without a permit.

Here’s why you can’t get any 9#*$*# campsites or permits.

#MOCKO episode is coming soon. 

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