Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, May 19

Ultramarathon News – Thurs May 19

How using a sauna can help improve your ultramarathon and trail racing.  Ugh, the benefits would have to greatly outweigh the level of which I hate humidity.

Charlie Engel, Carta Corbett, and others are running across the country to promote mental health awareness for a project called Team Icebreaker.  We interviewed Catra five years ago, and chatted with Charlie shortly after he was released from federal prison. Definitely give it a listen to hear about resilience, staying positive while incarcerated, and a wide range of other topics. Charlie’s a great interview.

My favorite T&F event: Steeplechase. My friend Jesse told me years ago (the first time I saw Max King race an ultramarathon distance): “Never, ever bet against a steeplechaser in any distance.” He was right.

Are you heading to Western States training weekend over Memorial Day? Definitely check out CampFest.  Music, beer, beds, and all for charity on Saturday night.

Runner at Boulder Mountain Marathon. Pic by Mike Hugus.

–The inaugural Boulder Mountain Marathon was last weekend. Twenty six point two miles on trails at 8k feet. Ouch!  Buzz Burrell’s son won it just over three hours. Here are pics, and here’s a writeup.

This article reminds me very much of my two scariest encounters on the trails: One was a giant Saguaro cactus that looked like a man raising his arms and chasing me (hey, it was 3am), and the other was when a wild turkey flew out of a bush next to me at about the same time in the morning.  What have been your scariest/funniest moments on the trail?

Justin’s Nut Butter just sold to Hormel for a quarter of a billion dollars. Wow.  Very happy for owners, and hope they don’t change a thing (except maybe making the stuff more affordable???)

Interested in running a 100k through Jakarta? Bonus: The city portion is super sketchy and needs additional security guards to keep the runners safe.

Ian’s Zagama preview. I recognize three names.

I keep checking Nickademus Hollon’s website to see if he’s posted a Cruel Jewel report.  Not yet. 🙁  Come on, Nick, I’m anxious to read about the adventure!

The URP News team has been pretty skeptical of scientific articles (“it’s science!”) for awhile, and here’s exactly why.

Here we go: Running prevents cancer!

“Yeah, what are the specials tonight? And would you mind shoving this in your ear so I can understand what you’re saying?”

Want to race with your pooch? Here’s a list of events that welcome our four-legged friends.

This writer went vegan for a week.  Vegetarian, fine, but I’d have a helluva time giving up ice-cream and cheese.

Site news: I’m recording two new podcasts today. One with a guest who’d been on before, one with a new guest (though certainly not new to ultramarathon success.) One’s female, one’s male. Releasing both this week. Stay tuned.

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