Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, May 21

Tips from an expert: Five workouts to build trail racing strength.  And if you’re looking for some good ol’ Strava porn, I’d recommend following David’s workouts.

That's my daughter Sunny on our little trail run this past weekend.
That’s my daughter Sunny on our little trail run this past weekend.

Two things about this: First, I hope the footage never goes public. That’s gotta be pretty gory. And second, pretty good PR for GoPro…takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

Wow, looking for a pretty intense 100 miler training schedule? Here’s UVU’s Michael Büchi’s plan to get it done.

…or if you’re a teacher with a wife and a dog and having a heckuva year so far, you might want to check out Bob Shebest’s prep for San Diego 100 in two weeks.

Yes! He and I share exactly the same thoughts about yoga.

Here’s some basic 100k advice from a guy with an awesome name: Vlad Ixel.

Is this really news to anyone involved in ultramarathons?

I reviewed the new Salomon S-Lab X-Series (say that a few times fast) right here. Summary: If I had to choose one shoe to cover my trail and road running for the next few months, this would undoubtedly be it.

A DNF at Sonoma behind him, Ian is now ready to tackle Western States.

What do you do when you’re married to one of the top ultrarunners in the world (who’s apparently got a ravishing appetite for pancakes), you’ve got a sourdough starter, a box of Picky Bars, and you host your own food blog? Find out here.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a course with this much water on it. Forty percent of the 50k was covered. Whoa! Here’s the report from the winner.

Not many things work in Washington DC right now, but a 3 mile race amongst congresspeople and staffers is always fun. Full results here.

How do humans stack up against animals re: V02 max?

NUC, but probably my favorite story of the day.

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