Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, May 25

Ian’s update on Day Three of Dragon’s Back.

“Yeah, sorry cancer, you’re gonna have to wait. I’ve got a race that month.” Gabe Grunewald is not letting cancer dictate her life or her running.

Life lessons from Joanie. 

Speaking of good advice, remember this great song? (Thanks for the reminder Tyler!)


Check out the latest episode with Sarah Lavender Smith! She details the preparation, training, and week of running the Mauna to Mauna self-supported stage race in Hawaii. How’d she handle drastic course changes? How about altitude? And what piece of gear was she most thankful for?

ultramarathon destination trailThat episode was sponsored by Destination Trail. Candice Burt and crew put on races of all distances in some truly remarkable venues. Gorgeous trails, superb race management, and killer post-race parties.  Up for a new challenge? Check out the Triple Crown of 2oo’s!  Thanks for their support.

This new technology will be at trail ultras in the near future: Beer pipelines.

So what exactly makes Sherpas able to handle high altitude without suffering from Hypoxia? Here’s a new study.

F&@k your air hole. I am not a dolphin. I do not care for this S%*t. Make my shoes bouncy. That’s all I ask.

It’s official: The Angry Jogger is the best shoe reviewer of all time.

Larry eulogizes “Uncle” Hal Winton. I never met him, but he sounded like quite a guy from an incredible generation.

Remember your rest days! Amelia knows from experience and shares some ideas right here.

No Ultra Content Whatsoever, but one of the coolest (and most interesting!) infographics I’ve ever seen. Right here.

Which fitness trackers are best at HRM and caloric intake and energy expenditure?

Thursday Funny from Semi-Rad: Hydration and nutrition depend on distance.

Late Breaking: Al Sal responds to the USADA document. He’s done nothing wrong, never has, all legit, yada yada.

One episode in the can, then recording two more today. Stay tuned!

Thoughts on the new WSER drug policy:

  • Here’s the new policy.
  • A huge step in the right direction for sure. Bigly.
  • I’d like to see totally random testing in addition to just the hand-picked runners the BOD wants to check out. Mix it up a bit. 
  • I don’t like that the new policy was announced a month out. It gives cheaters time to cover, and casts a potentially unnecessary shadow of skepticism over those who’ll DNS for legitimate reasons.
  • I like the penalties: Clear and harsh. Well done.
  • Important: I’d like to know who’ll be determining the legitimacy of TUEs and whether those will be made public. “So and so tested positive for X drug, but the BOD determined it to be acceptable use because of THIS independently verified medical reason.” No amount of testing matters if TUEs are not strictly scrutinized.
  • Again, a big step in the right direction. Kudos to the Board for leading this charge.


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