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In a world of OTS, this claims to be the secret sauce to longevity in ultramarathon running.

Are you in San Francisco and really need to get high when you work out? There’s a place for you.

I’d never heard of Cactus to Cloud 50k, but after Jeff’s description of the terrain, vert, and altitude, I may have to check it out next year.

I remember this story–a 66yo woman goes for an epic hike on the AT, then disappears–but don’t like the ending.  That must be a seriously dense area of forest. Wow.

And if you’ve got awhile, read this story about a wanderlust explorer from UK who went missing in Africa, only to be seen again.

Looking for a well organized event in a gorgeous location? The North Face Endurance Challenge Ontario is in about six weeks. Use URP15 at check out for your discount.

Addressing hyperandrogenism, women’s t-levels (and eventually transexuals) using the example of how the Paralympics categorize athletes.  Big subject, what do you think?

This guy is training for Tahoe 200 Ultramarathon. Sounds like many of us!

Come on, USATF, get your s#*t together.  Other sports federations don’t have hissy fits over youth programs.

Anybody up for a sheep dung-smoked whale testicle beer? I’m buying.

I realized that I felt lonely–it is just me up there; I alone have to make this choice to jump. But in this loneliness, I realized sometimes lonely is empowering. That’s how I felt: Empowered. It’s like the universe presented me with a choice: I could commit or cower.

-Yes! Phoebe nails it in this piece: Commit or cower.  I don’t get the feeling of empowerment when I’m running with someone (ahem, pacer), but it hits me full force when I’m alone. Same reaction for you?

But on the other side, running with a partner is beneficial. 

Comprehensive list of trail shoes for this season. I’m wear testing a few of them and have a standout favorite for the year.

Achilles Tendon injuries: Know the warning signs and don’t ignore them.

No ultramarathon content whatsoever: Photoshop artists were given a picture of a woman in a bikini and asked to make her “perfect.” Here’s what representatives of each country came up with.

Bummer: Ellie won’t be lining up at Comrades due to an injury. Heal up soon!

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