Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, May 28

Interesting post about how Anton is dealing with persistent injury.

The party culture of Born to Run Ultramarathons.

Bookmark this: Maintaining your strengths while working on your weaknesses, by Max King.

“For a few moments, I stand awkwardly at the finish line before realizing I don’t know anyone there. A large group of superstar Americans sits talking amongst themselves, but no one I know personally. I feel relieved at my finish, but about as useless as a finisher’s medal so I collect mine and proceed to the ice baths. The finishers’ chute is a succession of luxuries for runners: showers, ice baths, massage. Everyone is treated royally and it is endearing.”

Great report from Kristina Pattison’s race at Transvulcania.  h/t to Quinn C.

Ah, an interview with Gordy.  Here’s our chat with him from four years ago.

Four yoga poses to prevent running injuries.

I need to read this again and again: Altitude training for endurance performance.

Thinking about running a hundred? In the second installment of our “Firsts” series, Peter Lawson writes about his meticulous preparation, training, execution, and reflections on his first hundred miler.

Is it better to be flexible or stiff? I’d never even thought of my non-flexibility as a positive!

This new partnership between Strava and McMillan Coaching looks cool, but does it go past 26.2?

Seven super-fit old folks who put us all to shame.

Serious stuff: What to do when a snake bites you on a remote trail.  This is personal to me, I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s important: My long-time running mentor fell onto a rattler on a remote trail run and lost his entire arm because of it. Be safe out there!

What happens when two teenage Kiwi twins move to East Africa to train full time with the best in the world? Neat video by Joel Wolpert.

Site news: Sarah and I recorded a fun podcast yesterday with North Caroliner Rachel Bell Kelley that’ll I’ll be releasing today.  Lots of lessons in there…Check it out.   And I’m heading out for a fastpacking/camping trip for the weekend, so there won’t be any news tomorrow.

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