Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, May 31

The ultramarathon world has seen women dropping some serious performances over the past few years. Camille’s 100 miler at Tunnel Hill and Courtney’s Moab 240 win are just recent examples. Jade digs in to see if this is an overall trend or just a snapshot of a very special time. Do you agree with my assessment in the article?

I think Honnold would lose his mind as a competitive runner. He’d be glued to Strava and the FKT Boards and going after every record and KOM available.

Great saying and excellent points from Magness: Expecting easy makes things hard.

I realize some will take this as a violent affront to their humanity, but I think it’s pretty funny: Someone hacked an electronic road sign on an Ironman route to read “WARNING: AS*HOLES ON BIKES AHEAD.”

How to coach endurance athletes in a world of doping allegations and Instagram.

Good news first: I know why I’ve been tripping (literally, not proverbially) so much when I run on trails and can now be aware of it. Bad news: It’s an eye condition that’s slowly deteriorating my peripheral vision. Back to the doc next week for more tests.

In a related note…which shoes have the best toe protection?

Hakone anime? Is that what I’m seeing here?

More loss of faith in the LetsRun boards: This guy asks why Asheville, NC isn’t the ultra/trail Mecca of the (b)eastcoast, but never once mentions breweries.

It’s not a good reflection on our society, civilization, or species that the NPS has to start a campaign reminding people not to take selfies with dangerous wildlife.


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