Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, May 7

This guy is just about to start his TransCon run, while Pat and team are about to finish theirs.

If you’re into beautiful scenery and breathtaking photography–and don’t have any issue whatsoever with heightsyou’ll want to see this MTB video.

Speaking of bikes, I’ve never been bike camping before, but after Jill’s weekend story, I really really want to go.

Great interview with Zach Miller from IRF. I love this dude.

And my favorite Japanese runner just won three half marathons in three consecutive days.  Iron Mike, it’s your move.

A race that I’d never heard about now sits squarely on my bucket list: An eco-based 50 miler to and through Paris that ends with a stair climb to the first floor of the Eifel Tower.

So it turns out that the “exercise won’t help you lose weight” article last week was…not exactly legitimate.

Are you a boring ultrarunner?

Wow: Bad ass Russian gal sets new records on Europe’s highest peaks. I’d never heard of her, but I like saying her name.

Meanwhile, Dean Potter set a new FKT at Yosemite combining free climbing and trailrunning.

What do you think of organizing and funding races using sites like this?

Never hurts to refresh an article, and it never hurts to read one again: Tips for racing ultramarathons.

What type of guilty indulgences can a vegan really have? Here are five.

Pretty good list (with some really great design and some names you know): The 50 Most Adventurous Men.

And finally, a big Happy Birthday to my part time partner in crime Sarah.  I enjoy our partnership and your perspective and look forward to many more fun interviews. Big 4-5!

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