Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs Nov 10

What’s going on in the ultramarathon world this weekend?

Start your Little Friday off with some rad footage from the PATH Project’s run into the Grand Canyon. I’ve still never been to the big hole!

The MUT scene is made up of all sorts of people and this joker is no exception.

This is probably the worst story I’ve ever read and I’m sure is a real fear of everyone reading this.

LetsRun op-ed: Gender identity has no place in sports.

Should you carry a gun when thruhiking the AT? Personally, there’s only been two times I really wish I had a handgun on a run but luckily it turned out OK.

Semi-live 2023 Western States lottery entrants.

I’ve really been digging this blog by Veronica Leeds. In her most recent post, she explores what happens when we dive into discomfort reflexively and it’s really interesting! Plenty of other good content in there and if you’re looking for a female MUT coach, check her out.

Another friendly reminder that ultrafilms . com will take you to SMUT, not MUT movies. 

Beer news: Keurig Dr. Pepper jumps into the NA beer scene with a healthy investment into Athletic Brewing.

CTS: Give yourself an end-of-season review. Are you asking the right questions.

Short news day. What’d I miss?

Ask a Thru-Hiker: Should I Carry a Gun on the Trail?

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